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The Kindness

Book #1 in The Keepers of the Song series
Available now
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About me

SJ Howarth lives in Derbyshire and can be found merrily writing, wandering the countryside or drinking coffee. When not writing, he works as a therapist, also offering Reiki & Past-Life Regression.


He is proficient in mooching, faffing and pottering and often smells of patchouli.

You didn't know you were waiting for it...but it's here, the Keepers of the Song - a Pagan Fiction/Cosmic Adventure series:

Book #1 The Kindness, now available on Kindle and in paperback. Enjoy.

Book #2 The Sisterkin, due for release around Spring-Beltane 2023...

Book #3 The Gathering, due for release early 2024-ish.


Book #4 The Song, coming in 2025...

Contact me via the chat box or at


My Books

The Kindness - Book #1 The Keepers of the Song series

The Sisterkin - Book #2


Keepers of the Song series (coming 2023)

painting for lemonade - Debut poetry collection

My Books



'...a book that is funny, touching and poignant and deals with love, loss and the reality of human frailty It is a magical journey which celebrates strong women, the beauty of nature...'


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