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The Kindness

When you know your time is short, anything starts to feel like everything…



Daisy Lowry is missing a dad…Gabriel Lowry is a dying illusionist seeking his daughter…as both look for a reunion, they tumble into new and magical experiences, Gabriel having it all on to perform the greatest trick of this life – slipping the noose that a very bitter, overworked Death has for him – whilst Daisy finds solace and guidance with a mysterious sisterhood of strong, independent women…

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Not sure? Perhaps this review will help you decide:

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The Sisterkin

The story of Gabriel, Daisy and The Sisterkin continues, with Daisy facing a long and curious road ahead. Meanwhile, some are lost, others are found - and someone is coming, that will change everything...

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painting for lemonade

A bittersweet collection of poetry written over the last 15-20 years. A dark, poignant and beautiful collection, that will raise a smile, before leaving you with a sucker punch to the gut.

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